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Oct 12

Establishing Trust in the Sharing Economy

The topic of trust within the sharing economy keeps coming up over and over again. I wrote about it in my last blog: Don't Talk to Strangers (Just let them drive you, do your laundry or watch your kid). Because the sharing economy is a peer-to-peer transaction between consumers without the need for a corporate intermediary, there is a lot of discussion about trust and safety in the transactions. Before talking about trust in the sharing economy, I think it would be useful to provide a little more background understanding about criminal records. From the time of an arrest to the time of a conviction at trial to an appeal – many different record documents are generated by many different people – from the arresting officer to the court. Who generates these records and where they are stored are decided upon by the jurisdiction in which the crime happened.

Sep 21

Health Care Background Screening Check-Up (Part Two)

In the first part of this blog post, we talked about the increasing hiring demands within health care, as well as trends we see from a screening standpoint and the risks associated with those trends. To recap, we found there is a lot of noise around rescreening for both licensures as well as sanction exclusion lists. Yet many organizations are not rescreening, have kept searches in-house or are not leveraging partners and existing technology to streamline these processes. So I want to share with you some tips on how you can re-evaluate and potentially improve your screening program or policy. 

First, I imagine that many of you are working with a background screening provider today. I encourage you to leverage your relationship with this partner and ask them to provide best practices and assist with the five bullets below...

Sep 14

Survey Reveals Significant Insider Threats to Data Security

Information technology experts continue to work diligently to plug the holes in cybersecurity systems in order to prevent costly and damaging breaches. Yet, valuable data continues to leak from companies both big and small … and even from trusted U.S. government sources. According to the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigation Report, an estimated $400 million has been lost from 700 million compromised records. What’s going on here? Are we losing the war against hackers? We decided to take a closer look at the risks incurred on the people front. To gain a better understanding of where we may be vulnerable, First Advantage conducted a survey of 337 professionals including human resources, risk management and C-suite executives about their attitudes toward internal and external security threats.

Sep 08

Recruitment: It’s a Risky Business

Risk – it’s everywhere. Knowingly or otherwise, risk is something every one of us manages every day. Take the routine drive to work – undertaken by millions of commuters every day, this humble but potentially hazardous journey is littered with risks. How we handle a particular risk will depend on its probability and potential impact – the greater the probability and potential impact, the more important it becomes to avoid or mitigate. For example, we can mitigate the risks of an accident by having a comprehensive insurance policy

Sep 02

IRS Penalties for Failure to File or Incorrect Filing

Every taxpayer is aware that there are penalties for not filing tax returns, or filing late, or failing to file correct information returns.  What may not be known as widely is that these penalties also apply to the filings required the Affordable Care Act with requirements spelled out by 26 USC §§ 6055/ 6056.

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