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Sep 02

IRS Penalties for Failure to File or Incorrect Filing

Every taxpayer is aware that there are penalties for not filing tax returns, or filing late, or failing to file correct information returns.  What may not be known as widely is that these penalties also apply to the filings required the Affordable Care Act with requirements spelled out by 26 USC §§ 6055/ 6056.

Aug 31

Health Care Background Screening Check-Up (Part One)

The Center for Health Workforce Studies produced a report that projects hiring in health care to increase by 30 percent over 10 years from 2010 to 2020. In fact, growth in this sector has likely exceeded predictions given the Affordable Care Act, which created an influx of additional patients requiring care. Granted this surge has been anticipated, but the rapid growth of the senior population, an expanding shortage of nurses and a growing epidemic of elder abuse are exacerbating this problem. Further, health care companies are inundated with ever-changing federal and state laws. We recognize that these laws are intended to protect patients; however, they make it incredibly difficult for a multi-state organization to operate efficiently while complying with the various background screening requirements.

Aug 27

The Word on the Street – A Closer Look at Consumer Views on Background Screening

Depending on the industry or country you work in, background screening may be something you're very familiar with or it may be a completely alien concept. Adoption levels vary significantly across the world, with the exception of regulated industries such as financial services, aviation and healthcare in which it's long been commonplace. If you're working in one of these sectors, no matter where in the world that may be, chances are you were screened as you entered the organization and may even have been re-screened during your employment. However, for many people working outside advanced economies and in non-regulated industries, background screening is often thought of as something which happens to other people and is seen in the news from time to time.

Aug 19

The Times They are a-Changin’ for Criminal Record Checks in Canada

Big changes are on the way for criminal record checks in Canada. As proposed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), all checks in the future are to be processed using an individual's fingerprints rather than the current name-based system. If implemented as proposed, this will have significant ramifications for job seekers, volunteers and the organizations they work with. Here we answer key questions about the current process, how it's going to change and what the effects are likely to be.

Aug 12

What Do Consumers Really think about Background Checks?

The consumer point of view is a unique perspective often overlooked in the background screening and human capital management industries.  We know that in a global economy business decisions are made often based on some level of trust. And to gauge that level of confidence, many businesses rely on background screening to provide some intelligence that helps to build a trust foundation. But we wondered what do consumers, individual applicants or candidates feel about having to go through background checks when applying for a new job, a housing lease or volunteer work? We felt it was about time that the consumer's voice was also heard in this process.

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