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Dec 04

Uganda Circulates Draft Data Protection and Privacy Bill 2014 for Public Consultation

On November 15, the National Information Technology Authority Uganda, together with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, circulated a draft Data Protection and Privacy Bill, 2014 for public consultation. Keep reading for an overview of the proposed legislation. 
Oct 29

Australian Fair Works Commission Finds Employment Termination Justified for False Qualifications

In August 2014, the Fair Works Council determined that an employer’s dismissal of an employee was not “harsh, unjust or unreasonable” as the employee falsified credentials during the application process. 
Sep 29

Renewed Calls for Finalization of EU Data Protection Regulation by 2015

For the past several years, the European Union's attempts at passing the Data Protection Regulation have fluctuated. However, pressure to pass the reform by 2015 have intensified following a joint declaration by elected representatives from 16 member states. 

Sep 25

Jersey Implements First Discrimination Law

Effective September 1, 2014, Jersey has implemented the Discrimination (Jersey) Law 2013. The first instance of the Law only includes race as a protected characteristic. In the employment context, employers are prohibited from committing acts of discrimination during various stages of employment.
Sep 16

The changing landscape of CV screening in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Pre-employment screening has changed significantly in EMEA over recent years. Performing background checks on contingent workers is now far more common place, companies in more and more sectors are realising the importance of properly vetting their staff, and many existing clients are changing how they define 'major' and 'minor' discrepancies. Whilst there's no shortage of anecdotal evidence on the subject, quantitative results are harder to come by. So, we delved deep into our data to see what it could tell us. The results – extracted from the many thousands of CV screenings we've carried out over the last three years – are now in

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