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Aug 03

Hack Attacks Impact Staffing: Protecting Data from Insider Threats

Almost every day, the headlines report another cybersecurity breach —Target, Home Depot, Sony Pictures, the Internal Revenue Service,  the U.S. Government, big banks, hotels and supermarkets. And, just recently, a major league baseball team has been accused of hacking a rival team's data in a case of corporate espionage. Nobody seems to be immune. Billions of dollars are lost, reputations are damaged, and business is disrupted. While the big names make the news, small businesses are proving to be equally vulnerable.

Jul 27

Tough at the Top

Recent history provides many examples of great commercial leaders doing great things for their respective companies – Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, to name an obvious few. These leaders have put their high profile status to great effect, creating recognizable, credible and valuable public personas for the organizations they represent. The integrity of Virgin, Microsoft and Apple – and almost every organization – rests heavily on the integrity of those who lead them. Unfortunately, not all high profile executives have withstood scrutiny as well as Branson, Gates and Jobs, and recent history provides many counter-examples of those who have fallen from grace, taking their organization's standing with them.

Jul 20

Don't Talk to Strangers (Just let them drive you, do your laundry or watch your kid)

Since 2009 I have been a neo-sharer, defined by Vision Critical as a person who uses emergent sharing services like Etsy, TaskRabbit, and Airbnb. This space has been called a few terms such as the sharing economy, collaborative economy or emergent sharing services. And to sum it up, the sharing economy is simply based on direct connections between individuals (without the need for a corporate go between) for goods or services. Some services help individuals share or rent things that would otherwise go unused, such as spare bedrooms, their home Wi-Fi network, the bicycle in the garage or the open seat in the car. Other services are focused on matching people who want to sell their professional skills directly to another in need of that expertise, including graphic design work, writing, babysitting or handyman services.

Jul 13

The Need for Speed

It's an age-old balancing act we all encounter in our everyday lives, whether it's cooking a meal, cleaning the car or brushing our teeth – there are certain things that are very difficult to do quickly and to a high standard, with good reason. Recruitment is no exception. As Seven Step RPO rightly observe, "speed without quality will only cost you more in the long run" and "a bad hire can have a huge [financial] cost… not to mention strategic, cultural, or even legal damage."

Jul 06

Is That Degree Bogus?

Online education has emerged as a rapidly growing industry and a viable alternative to traditional 'bricks and mortar' institutions. Bringing education within reach for many, the benefits are lower costs, greater convenience and flexible scheduling for today's busy lifestyles. The Internet has also spawned a worldwide problem – the so-called 'diploma mills' issuing fake or worthless degrees. The Today Show reported in June about candidates buying fake diplomas and even transcripts on the Internet from 'prestigious institutions' to pad their resumes. Those scams can usually be detected through academic credential screening. 

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