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Call +1 800.888.5773 within the U.S. or Canada


Canada client support: +1 800.833.7511

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EMEA client support: +44 1206 505799
Australia/New Zealand client support: +612.9017.4300 
Philippines client support: +632.859.2111
Singapore client support: +65.6653.7200
Hong Kong client support: +852.3978.6888

Background Direct:

Call +1 844.244.4756

Fingerprint Advantage:

Call +1 877.323.8885


In North America:

U.S. Sales: +1 844.718.0087
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Canada: +1 416.961.1611
Toll free within Canada: +1 800.833.7511
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Background Direct:

Contact Background Direct Sales or call +1 877.433.9779

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United Kingdom: +44 (0) 8448 24 34 44
Dubai: +971 4 40 19277

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Australia: +612 9017 4300
New Zealand: +64 9 438 5232
Email in Australia
Email in New Zealand.

China: +86 21 5178 2795

Hong Kong: 852 2810 6448

India, Bangalore:+91 22 4069 7000

Japan: +81 (0)3 5449 7373

Korea: +822 512 3931

Malaysia: +60356225676

Philippines: +632 8592100

Singapore: +65 6534 3262

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Please contact the human resources department at the company hiring for the position. Requests for candidate password resets, tests and other forms must be done with the HR department at the employer with whom you are applying.

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Obtain a free copy of your employment background check. Email questions about report results to Background Check Questions.

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Please find information regarding ourData Privacy Officer for Canada and Singapore on our Privacy Policy.

To obtain additional information about the privacy practices and policies of First Advantage in connection with its preparation and processing of investigative consumer reports, please contact us at

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