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Maintain compliance while reducing your risk

First Advantage offers a suite of fleet legalization and driver management solutions to help you maintain compliance and reduce your risk. With new and robust technology solutions such as CSA Safe Trax®, the gold standard in managing CSA compliance; Telematics, the optimal GPS fleet management tool; and Fleet IQ®, our vigorous KPI management software, fleet management has never been easier.

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Driver IQ
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Fleet Legalization

First Advantage can help keep your fleet compliant and on the road with our fleet legalization and compliance services. By working with us, you can virtually eliminate the daily distractions and burdensome paperwork required to stay in compliance with government regulations. Our experts will take care of your fleet administration and keep you up-to-date on the latest legislation specific to your operations, allowing you to focus on your core business. Customized reporting provides the data you need to better manage your fleet and reduce audit exposure. Services include:

  • Title management
  • Licensing and registration management
  • Fuel/mileage tax services and permitting

Title, licensing, and registration management

Our title and registration management services help financial and leasing organizations secure interest and manage transactions involving the transportation industry. First Advantage has relationships with federal, state and local agencies that allow us to process all documentation accurately and in a timely fashion while eliminating the paperwork and distractions that affect your business.  We will ensure that all fees, including sales tax, title and registration are calculated and submitted for processing.  With our expertise, you can be assured that all vehicle collateral is obtained and the proper operating requirements are delivered in a timely manner. 

Our title services include:

  • Corporate reorganizations (mergers, acquisitions, name changes)
  • Equipment titling and registration
  • Lease buy backs
  • Collateral/secured loan agreements
  • State transfers
  • Duplicate title processing
  • Repossession titles
  • Secured title storage
  • Web access to scanned titles

 Our licensing and registration management services include:

  • Annual registration renewals
  • Base plate / state registrations
  • IRP registration renewals
  • Interactive web platform
  • Real time activity reporting

Fuel tax and permitting

First Advantage provides complete fuel tax reporting, keeping track of fuel consumption and interstate mileage traveled.  Our Fleet services delivers a comprehensive collection of solutions for fleet managers including:

  • Quarterly IFTA fuel tax returns
  • State mileage reporting returns
  • FHUT – 2290 filings
  • Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)
  • MCS – 150 filing
  • Oversize / overweight
  • Temporary trip & fuel permits
  • Federal & state operating authorities
  • Audit support

Geotab GPS Fleet Telematics

First Advantage Geotab delivers the right amount of technology and reporting to your fleet. To drive increased efficiency in today’s environment requires a telematics partner with a keen understanding of the transportation industry.  Selecting a GPS system that is scalable for your business is a challenge and our experience in regulatory compliance brings it all together.


  • Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Hours of Service
  • Apportioned Mileage Tracking


  • Monitor Road Speed / Idle Time
  • Real-time ECM fault code messaging
  • Reduce unauthorized travel


  • Accelerometer measurements, (hard breaking, harsh accelerations)
  • Driver Alert / Seatbelt monitoring
  • Improve CSA Scores


  • Real-time asset locator
  • Track drive time / stop time
  • Time Card Reporting

CSA SafeTrax® Monitoring

First Advantage’s newest CSA Management System, CSA SafeTrax® sets the gold standard in managing CSA compliance. The robust functionality of First Advantage’s web based fleet safety and management system provides fleet management with all the data they need to stay in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  This scorecard includes a myriad of interactive reports, allowing the user to quickly analyze and make decisions about their fleet. CSA SafeTrax® integrates the data from your fleet DOT #’s and provides visibility to inspection data to help you gain valuable insight to your fleet and driver performance. Trend analysis and system visibility are key components to reducing CSA violations scores.

  • Customized data reporting  to quickly pinpoint target areas and reduce overall score
  • Applies your hierarchy to violations & crashes to identify performance by location/region
  • Trending to track performance over rolling 24 month reportable period
  • Goal calculator to reduce violations in selected categories and project net impact on score
  • Financial calculator that allows you to calculate the total cost of out-of-service violations
  • Provides qualitative data necessary to make informed decisions to reduce your CSA scores
  • Pushpin mapping to inspections, violations and crashes

Driver Compliance

The First Advantage Driver Qualification System (DQS) maintains and monitors your commercial and non-commercial drivers’ compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.  Your company can now outsource DOT compliance monitoring and focus on your core business function. 

DQS tracks information such as motor vehicle records (MVR), road test results, physical certifications and completed applications—all in one place. With First Advantage you can identify driver compliance in each required area such as certificate of violations, annual motor vehicle records and medical card certifications.

DQS system features:

  • Complete file audit & review
  • All documents scanned for online access
  • Web portal for access and visibility
  • All required DOT driver file documents
  • Company specific / best practice documents
  • Automated MVR renewal
  • Scored MVR
  • Automated email alerts (expiring, non-compliant items)
  • Real time data via desktop Compliance IQ
  • Integrated CSA dashboard

Regulations and guidelines for drivers are constantly changing. At First Advantage, we integrate the steps required to remain in compliance. To provide you ample time to maintain compliance, proactive e-mail notifications alert your company of all expiring items in the driver qualification file.

You will get added insight with detailed, real-time reporting with data available by location, division or branch. A sophisticated audit trail ensures that all actions are documented and preserved. Results are measurable and compliance improvements can be effortlessly tracked over time.

From substance abuse testing to MVR renewal, we provide a way for you to manage the moving parts and ease the administrative burdens of remaining compliant.

We can help. Find out how we can keep your drivers and fleets on the road—contact First Advantage or call 866.400.FADV (3238) to schedule a free consultation today.


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