First Advantage offers Canadian businesses background screening solutions for all provinces and territories throughout Canada.

As a full service global provider, First Advantage provides thorough research into the academic qualifications, criminal and credit histories, driver's records and past work performance of potential job candidates. For employers requiring an integrated, streamlined approach to help reduce the time and cost associated with Canadian screening needs, First Advantage has the answer.

Canadian Background Checks

First Advantage offers a customizable, web-based, pre-employment screening solution, designed to streamline the hiring and recruiting process. By providing timely background verification data and other screening information to clients, First Advantage enables hiring managers to make informed decisions efficiently. First Advantage focuses on providing exceptional client support, quality information and a proprietary, web-based system to meet the hiring and recruiting demands of Canadian businesses.

Our secure, web-based platform offers real-time 24/7 access from any Internet connection. The system offers robust client reporting tools, online and e-mail retrieval of results and all of the data is securely hosted in Canada.

First Advantage offers a wealth of products, services and innovative solutions and processes for many aspects of a business – all from one source.

  • Canadian Criminal Check – Name-based national criminal record check performed through an accredited Canadian police services

  • SIN Validation Check – A quick, cost effective statement on whether the provided SIN is valid or not without obtaining a credit check. 

  • Canadian Terrorism Listing Search – Results are obtained from a list maintained by the OSFI (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions) that lists any person or entity associated with, or found to be funding, terrorist activities.

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