The Cannabis Conundrum

Recreational marijuana laws are lighting up the United States. What are employers to do?
Find out February 9, 1:00 PM ET

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MARK 502 - The Cannabis Conundrum

Screening Can Decrease Employee Turnover

Aptitude Research Partners industry analyst, Madeline Laurano shows the significant "quality of hire" benefits you can gain through employee screening and a better candidate experience.

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First Advantage Wins Reader's Choice Award

First Advantage voted as 2016 “Readers’ Choice for Pre-employment Screening”. "This award is designed to highlight these extraordinary firms — the ones our readers think are the very best at what they do.”

Reader's Choice Award 2016

Employment Screening in Canada

Our report on employment screening in Canada provides insight into how background checks are conducted in Canada, with a particular focus on the financial services industry.

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All Lines Tightened

Gain insight into the background screening environment in EMEA, including key FCA and PRA
compliance considerations. Download our EMEA Employment Screening Guide.

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Federal Railroad Administration Control of Alcohol and Drug Use: Random Rates 2017

For Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Employers required to comply with the random testing requirements of the Federal Railroad Administration Department of Transportation’s Part 219 Control of Alcohol and Drug Use Regulations, the random rate remains at 25% for drugs and 10% for alcohol for all covered employees except Maintenance of Way (MOW) covered employees.

The Timing of “Repeal and Replace”

With President Obama’s farewell address behind us, and President-elect Trump’s inauguration just around the corner, Republican leaders are focused on the timing of the proposed dismantling of Obama’s signature healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act. While there is party unity in opposition to the law continuing, this week the lack of a consensus in regards to plan specifics and timing has become evident. The issue of timing is an important one, with President-elect Trump stating at a recent press conference that the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and introduction of a replacement plan, “will be essentially simultaneously.”

Is social media screening helping, or hurting, your hiring process?

Background checks can help you verify who applicants are not—meaning, they're not a convicted criminal, not included on a terrorist watch list, not currently using illicit drugs, etc.—in addition to validating key information or credentials. After that, it's often up to you to piece together the rest of their story through interviews and other personal interactions. But sometimes, after all that, it's still hard to tell what an applicant is really like, or if they'll they be a good fit. For a bigger picture, some companies are interested in an applicant's social media profile. Unlike a rehearsed interview where you only see and hear what applicants show you at the moment, social media offers a public platform where many people openly share the details of their lives...

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