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Oct 26

Background Check Evolution: From Hiring Requirement to Hiring Strategy (Part 1)

A proactive strategy. An investment. Maybe even a competitive edge. That's how companies today are viewing employment screening, instead of merely thinking of it as a required human resource (HR) expenditure or an added step in the hiring process. More specifically, a recent Aptitude Research 2016 Hire, Engage and Retain study reveals that companies that invest in background screening are three times more likely to track quality of hire, and they're also improving performance in key areas of talent acquisition. No longer a task to check off in the hiring process, background screening is being strategically used by more employers to improve the quality of hires while also creating a better candidate experience. Here we share the fresh employer insights that are fueling these shifts in attitudes, based on feedback from the recent Aptitude Research study.

Sep 08

Employer Obligations to Gather and Report Employee TINs

In early August, the IRS released proposed regulations clarifying the duties of employers in soliciting taxpayer identification numbers (TINs).  The new guidance comes as a result of the frustrations many employers experienced during the 2015 reporting season, including the receipt of numerous AIRTN500 error messages.  The AIRTN500 error code is displayed when an individual's name and TIN does not match the IRS database.  Receipt of this error message led many employers to question their TIN reporting obligations.

Aug 18

Another ACA-Overhaul Bill is Proposed

In May, two Republicans, Representative Pete Sessions and Senator Bill Cassidy, released an ACA-overhaul bill proposal for “the Healthcare Accessibility, Empowerment and Liberty Act of 2016.”  Like the June release of Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” proposal, there is much skepticism about the feasibility of these healthcare bills moving forward.  Sen. Cassidy took last week’s Health Agents for America meeting as a chance to argue that there is hope that his ACA-overhaul bill could survive the Senate floor...

Aug 12

Marketplace Exchange Notice Update

The late-June mass-mailing of Exchange Notices from federally run state Exchanges came with a ticking clock, and stated that employers had only 90 days to respond. As a reminder, these Notices were sent to employers of individuals who applied for Exchange-based coverage and were found to be eligible for advance payments of a premium tax credit or cost-sharing reductions for at least one month of 2016.

Jun 29

Electronic ACA Information Returns due to the IRS This Week

If you are a self-insured employer, applicable large employer, or a health coverage provider that is electronically filing ACA Information Returns with IRS, this must be done by this Thursday, June 30.  This deadline was originally March 31, but the IRS extended it for this first year of filing only.  Future years’ filing deadlines will very likely be earlier in the year as the ACA Information Returns process become more standardized. 

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