Leisure Suits and Lawsuits

Nothing is comfortable about the increase in FCRA and related law litigation against employers.
Know the risky background check behaviors that are landing other companies in court

Leisure Suits and Lawsuits

Screening Can Decrease Employee Turnover

Aptitude Research Partners industry analyst, Madeline Laurano shows the significant "quality of hire" benefits you can gain through employee screening and a better candidate experience.

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Employment Screening in Canada

Our report on employment screening in Canada provides insight into how background checks are conducted in Canada, with a particular focus on the financial services industry.

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All Lines Tightened

Gain insight into the background screening environment in EMEA, including key FCA and PRA
compliance considerations. Download our EMEA Employment Screening Guide.

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Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing: A Critical Wellness, Safety, and Risk Mitigation Strategy
Workplace drug and alcohol testing is essential to the wellness, safety, and productivity of any organization. It is also critical to legal risk mitigation; especially related to potential tort claims such as negligent hiring and claims related to failure to ensure the safety and security of a workplace. 
IRS Will Continue to Accept Individual Tax Returns “Silent” on ACA

Becoming the first agency to take action in response to President Trump's Executive Order directing federal agencies "minimize...the economic and regulatory burdens of the Act", the IRS has told tax preparers that it will not automatically reject individual returns that do not state whether or not the filer had health coverage. Although at first blush accepting these such "silent" returns would appear to be a loosening of the enforcement of the ACA's individual mandate, this is not actually a change in policy as the agency accepted and processed over 4 million silent returns last year.

What Makes Pre-Employment Background Checks a Necessity?
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