Background Check Case Studies

From Supplier to Strategic Screening Partner

Our client is one of the largest financial services companies in the world, with more than 200,000 employees globally. Prior to working with First Advantage, our client’s pre-employment background screening operations were very de-centralized, with more than 15 local vendors providing different services with varying quality in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

To Keep Pace with Booming Growth, a Senior Housing Provider Decides to Streamline Hiring

With roughly 50 communities in 2011, Senior Lifestyles has quickly blossomed to now include more than 100 communities throughout 22 states—and it’s still growing. While this rapid expansion is good for the bottom line, Senior Lifestyles had to find a way to hire quality employees faster to keep pace with its growth. To do this, Senior Lifestyles decided to consolidate processes and integrate background screening into its hiring workflow, and for this it chose to work with First Advantage Employment Solutions and Kronos.

The Value of a SuccessfulBack on Track Program

The Value of a Back-on-Track Program: Substance Abuse Treatment and Compliance shows how implementing a regulatory-based, return-to-duty substance abuse program can substantially impact employers bottom line. By retaining these employees rather than recruiting and training new workers, a large retail client has saved more than $8.4 million over just three years.

Zions Bancorporation

First Advantage helps Zions Bancorporation standardize background screening and speed results. In 2007, this company’s pre-employment background screening process was highly manual, laden with paperwork–and extremely time consuming. Further complicating matters was the fact that specialists in each location handled their processes differently, with little standardization between sites. After teaming up with First Advantage, the Zions’ background screening process has undergone a complete makeover.


10,000 background screens... and counting. In January 2009, Genentech reached a milestone in its screening journey by having just completed its 10,000th background screening since it started working with First Advantage in 2004. Not only was this a commemorative event for Genentech’s Corporate Security team, it represented how far the company has come in its background screening journey.


Applying best practices, Hy-Vee drives real savings to bottom line. Like many organizations with a large number of locations across many states with high levels of turnover, Hy-Vee experienced difficulties taking full advantage of all of the tax credits for which they were eligible. Training location managers, processing paperwork on time to obtain the credits and conducting the normal follow-up procedures required to ensure all the correct steps were followed began to take a toll on the program.

Catalyst Services

Value where it counts, Catalyst Services finds a new screening partner in First Advantage. In the petrochemical industry, service professionals are required to pass background checks and complete certain levels of safety orientation and training before they set foot on refinery property—and different refineries have different requirements. Depending on each individual’s background screening results, they are given “grades” (from 00 to 07)—differentiators either grant or deny them access to refinery property, or specific areas within those properties, depending on each refinery’s specific regulations.

Gemini Motor Transport

Gemini Motor Transport discovers better pricing, customer service and control with First Advantage background screening and drug testing. In 2009, Gemini Motor Transport had a lot to be happy about. Business was booming; the company was growing, having roughly tripled in size in eight years; and the future looked bright. But when it came to pre-employment background screening and drug testing for its nearly 360 truck drivers, they were far from satisfied.

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