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First Advantage is the world's largest provider of background screening services and solutions, but we offer more than information. First Advantage turns disparate data into smart people decisions. In our hands, intelligence becomes insight. Trustworthy advice and strategies that empower your business growth, enlightens leadership, and helps you face the future with confidence. Innovative solutions delivered on a global scale.

Employment Solutions

Background Direct

A simple-to-use background screening solution built for small to medium-sized businesses. Our web-based solution offers an easy and affordable way to check potential employees' backgrounds, allowing you to make a more informed hiring decision. With built-in packages and reporting, getting started is easy!

Electronic Fingerprint Services

If your hiring process involves fingerprinting, and you have been authorized to submit fingerprints to the FBI, you need a service that easily integrates with your other screening processes and offers coverage in regions that are critical to your business. First Advantage is an approved channeler for the FBI.

Enterprise Advantage

Enterprise Advantage is a fast, accurate, mobile-enabled, multi-lingual solution that works globally and for all aspects of your workforce, including candidates, contractors, employees, and volunteers. This configurable product helps large, multi-national companies create a consistent screening process. Easily integrated into ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) or HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems), this product has proven its value to 54% of the Fortune 100. Voted the best background check service in 2015.

Direct Advantage

With Direct Advantage you can streamline the hiring process and eliminate paper by collecting applicant information online directly from the applicant. Through a branded website offered in your candidate's language of choice, you can simplify the application and hiring process, reduce errors and time delays while at the same time significantly transforming your candidate experience.

Contractor Advantage

Contractors are an integral, and growing, part of your workforce. Whether they work directly with your organization or come to you through a third party, they often become the face of your organization to consumers and other businesses, and they work alongside your employees. Screen your contractors to help lower your risks.

Wellness Advantage

As a savvy employer, you know that workplace substance abuse programs can help you safeguard against problems such as high absenteeism and unnecessary worker's compensation claims, and keep you in compliance with state laws and federal regulations. Get help running a successful program.

Drug Testing Options

Get a quick overview of the differences between oral, urine and hair testing advantages and disadvantages when used in both a lab-based or rapid testing environment.

Online Collection Site Scheduler

Employment screening services, like drug tests, fingerprints and physical exams, have traditionally been scheduled individually – often over the phone – adding time and paperwork to the hiring process. Now, using the First Advantage Online Collection Site Scheduler Tool organizations can easily book and coordinate all three components at once.

Online Signature

Simplify permissions to save time. Despite the many hiring efficiencies gained by using online forms, when a signature is required you might as well be dealing with hard copies. Plus, manually juggling and managing original, signed paperwork between human resources and candidates can slow down hiring, considering the printing, mailing, faxing and filing. Online Signature simplifies how you obtain and keep track of permissions for conducting a background check by electronically gathering and storing this data.

Resident Solutions

Residential Advantage

Find qualified residents while protecting your property from the losses that can come from bad debts, skips, and evictions. But most importantly, you want to provide a safe community for all your residents to enjoy.

Easy Apply - Online Applications

Simplify applicant data capture with a click. Delays can cost you potential residents. Easy Apply features
an intuitive, branded consumer facing portal that drives faster data collection, initiates the resident screening process and creates a fast, secure route for applicant communications. This makes it easier for you to increase occupancy rates and revenues.

Resident Forms Manager

Your time is valuable, and you need to have the right information at the right time without duplicating efforts. When your leasing process is all paper-based, it can be complicated, time-consuming, and cause unnecessary errors for you, and seem daunting to your applicants. Get help with Resident Forms Manager.

Rent From Payroll

Rent from Payroll is the more profitable alternative to higher deposits and guarantors. An estimated one-in-three prospective residents often do not meet standard credit acceptance criteria resulting in requirements for higher security deposits and/or a lease guarantor, both of which strain already stretched resources. A new alternative to this process is available. Learn more!


As a savvy property manager or landlord, you are aware of the complexities of collecting debt. You could benefit from fully integrated screening and collections services that help you identify unqualified applicants who might otherwise slip through the cracks. First Advantage is affiliated with the National Credit Audit Corporation (NCAC), which specializes in rental contract dispute and debt recovery. Since 2004, we have uncovered more than 36,000 applicant matches through our collections division, seven percent of which had not been reported to the credit bureaus as of the screen date.

Volunteer/Non-Profit Solutions

Volunteer Advantage

Every day, millions of people work with our nation's vast network of non-profit and religious organizations. Also every day, 144 individuals with criminal records apply for positions at non-profit organizations, and every 11.5 hours, a registered sex offender attempts to obtain a position at a non-profit organization. Help keep your volunteer organization safe.

Volunteer Self Screening

Nonprofits complete background screening to ensure the safety of their employees and the populations they serve, but to complete these screenings requires manpower, time and money that you might not have. Volunteer Self Screening helps you meet the safety and security objectives of background screening, but without adding a lot of time and expense.

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