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Do you really know your new hire? (APAC)

According to, the true cost of a bad hire comes out at a staggering USD830,000, based on someone earning USD70,000 per annum and whose employment is terminated after 2.5 years.

Our Story: Who is First Advantage and How We Help Our Customers

Quickly see why First Advantage is the world's most trusted background screening provider with a robust product offering, dedicated support and innovative services. Learn why 54% of the Fortune 100 use First Advantage.

7 Screening Predictions

Prepare for 2016 with the attached guidance on legislation and background check screening trends.

Consumer Survey Results

Get the public pulse from a 2015 public survey conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Asia Pacific. The public estimates that 55% of job applicants embellish their resumes. Learn more!

eBooks & White Papers

eBook: How to Build the Best Background Checks

A comprehensive "how-to" discussion on the evolution of background screening for employers. Review chapters on topics such as: Casting a Wider Screening Net Justifying a Criminal Background Check Following the Letter of the Law The Value of Verifications Creating a Candidate-Friendly Drug Testing Process Simplifying Employment Eligibility Initiatives in the U.S.

eBook: It's a Crime

A guide to understanding what criminal records are available to order and the rules governing access. Knowing the difference between Federal and county court records will help you pinpoint the types of results you desire. Access this eBook to learn the rules, identify what most companies order, common costs, turnaround times and how to read the returned results. 

eBook: Getting Greater Global Results: Top 10 Lessons Learned from Screening Internationally

A helpful review to prepare to screen globally. Get the top 10 lessons learned while reviewing chapter on topics such as: Global employment screening is the right thing to do; The basics every employer should know: what, when and why and Lessons learned: experience is your best guide.

White Paper: First Advantage Retail Screening Best Practices

Employee theft is the leading cause of retail shrink in the U.S., ranking at 42.9 percent, ahead of shoplifting at 37.4 percent. Learn what retailers are screening when hiring to help to mitigate those risks.

White Paper: Healthcare Provider Pulse 2015

Healthcare is projected to grow 30% over the next 5 years. Hiring is hot. Learn what the best healthcare companies are planning to do to get ahead of the hiring curve.

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