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New Form I-9 Complimentary Training
Get trained on the new form I-9 with David Basham of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on December 15 at 12:00 noon ET. The new form must be used starting January 22, 2017.We’ll address what’s new and different and highlight common mistakes made while completing the I-9. You’ll also learn how you can complete an I-9, on a new hire, before they starting working for pay.
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Follow the Yellow Brick Road:
Are you caught up in a fairy tale or horror story with your ATS integration?

75% report they want to integrate their background checks! It's time to get real—real-world planning, direction, success steps, and lessons learned from those who have walked the path before. Avoid a "Grimm" ending by getting prepared now with best practices and insights on building successful ATS (Applicant Tracking System) integrations.

Beyond the Basic Background Check for Execs
The Why's and How's of Deep-dive Screening for High-level Employees

Corporate leaders who misrepresent their backgrounds create public relations nightmares for their employers. A bad hire can influence everything from your brand integrity and revenue performance to workforce morale. For top positions in your company, a thorough, far-reaching background check is needed to minimize risk and unnecessary media exposure. Attend this webinar to learn what else you can uncover by adding these valuable searches to your executive recruitment process, including: Business History, Board Appointments, Philanthropic Activities, Media Coverage - procedural, positive and negative, and Civil, Criminal and Bankruptcy legal matters.

Get the Map to ACA Success in 2016
With the commotion of the March 31, 2016, 1095 mailing deadline behind you, now is the time to map out the easiest route for 2016 Affordable Care Act success. Attend our webinar to learn the basic landmarks: what is required, who is affected, how to prove compliance, and when best practices should be considered. Pinpoint the landmarks for who, what, when and where.

Time to Benchmark Your Individual Assessment Process
Join our webinar to benchmark your individualized assessment process against 2000 other companies and get best practice guidance.With minimal EEOC instruction, companies have gone down varied paths.

Don't get cut!
Get help. Join First Advantage and Seyfarth Shaw to discuss common screening mistakes that could get you in trouble. A recent First Advantage survey finds 38% of HR managers are not feeling very confident about changing background check compliance laws. And 32% believe the financial impact of noncompliance could exceed $100,000.

Background Screening and Social Media: Yay or Nay?
Everyone uses social media—or at least it can feel that way. Between LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, the overwhelming majority of our professional and personal contacts are online in some form. So why not use it as a tool to gather more information about your potential job candidates? Michael Pilnick, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Human Resources Officer at First Advantage, discusses the appropriateness of using social media when evaluating potential employees for your organisation.

ACA Year End Readiness Checklist
In 2015, the most significant ACA development impacting employers is the shared responsibility penalty and related reporting requirements for applicable large employers. As 2015 draws to a close, this webinar will provide a readiness checklist of what you, the employer will be responsible for, the action items you need to implement now, and what you need to do if your company is behind.

Navigating Fleet Registrations & Filings
Navigating fleet registrations and filings in a dynamic regulatory environment can be challenging. Having an effective vehicle management process in place can lower a fleet manager's operating costs, while improving operational efficiencies.

Contractor Screening: Lessons Learned at IKEA
One third of the workforce is made up of contingent workers as reported by SHRM in the August 2015 HR Magazine. Learn from the experts: IKEA and First Advantage, on how to implement a contingent worker or contractor screening program to strengthen your brand. Hear what has worked and what lessons were learned to fine tune your processes. If you haven't used a solo-entrepreneur or independent contractor YET, you most likely will as managing a hybrid workforce is the imminent future. Get informed and get ready.

ACA Penalties - What An Employer Needs to Know
As the 2015 tax year draws near, on the mind of many employers is the Affordable Care Act and the associated penalty exposure. This year marks the first year that employers must not only comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but face penalties for not doing so. Let First Advantage help you understand who is liable, what triggers penalty liability, and how an employer should respond to a penalty notification.

WOTC & Tax Extenders Update by Lobbyists Signer and Migdail
First Advantage's senior tax executive team along with William Signer, Executive Managing Director of the Carmen Group and Evan Migdail, Partner, DLA Piper discuss recent updates to the rapidly changing political and legislative agenda in Washington and the future of tax reform and WOTC.

Avoid the ACA New Shared Responsibility Payment to the IRS
First Advantage urges employers who have yet to implement an ACA process in order to comply with IRS reporting guidance – to start implementation by October 1.This financial threat is real, with penalties up to $1M per year for companies with 500 full-time employees.

Get Your Holiday Hiring in the Bag
Get the results of our Retail Trends Study featuring analysis of millions of US candidate records from our top US retailers.

Unlock More Qualified Residents with Better Qualifying Tools
Learn how rent from payroll improves screening results for 3 case companies. Upon completion of the webinar, you will be able to 1) Understand how rent from payroll works in tandem with resident screening to support community efforts to protect against payment risk. 2) Explain how rent from payroll provides additional safeguards to on-time rent delivery and reduced bad turns resulting in improved NOI for participating communities. 3) Describe why property companies of all sizes are incorporating rent from payroll options with a variety of conditional lease terms.

It's a Crime
Do you ever feel like you are involved in a mystery when conducting criminal record searches? You are not alone. With our industry experts, you can hold a magnifying glass up to what other companies do to solve the mysteries around your own criminal background search questions. Learn what criminal records you can and should request for your background checks.

Podcast: Increasing Trust Through Background Checks
Listen to a podcast to hear where the peer-to-peer marketplace is headed and how to increase trust in your community through background checks. 

Webinar Series: How to Build the Best Background Checks
Four on-demand Webinars to help you build better background checks:

  • Back to Basics on Background Checks Back to Basics on Background Checks
  • The ABCs of the EEOC, the FCRA and the ADA
  • Primer on Pre-Employment Verifications & Drug Testing
  • Advanced Analytics: Trends for 2015 and Beyond

Avoiding the ACA New Shared Responsibility Payment to the IRS: What You Need to Know
For US based "large" companies, January 1, 2015, ushers in a new era with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as a myriad of reporting requirements and liabilities. Many are unprepared to document and report the data required to avoid or minimize penalties. First Advantage can help.

California Competes Tax Credits – What Businesses Need to Know!
For companies looking to expand existing California operations or considering bringing their operations into the state, the California Competes Tax Credit can assist in getting you there. Designed to help businesses continue to expand their operations in the state and encourage out-of-state businesses to move into California, this tax credit is available to companies of all sizes and across all industry sectors, and offsets the California state income or franchise tax. 

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